ERCET is about new materials

The development of new classes of hybrid materials is central in emerging exascale technologies. Our research into new materials will focus on three topics:

  • Nano-photonic devices;
  • Materials for heat regulation;
  • Materials for building new computer components.


Core technology: material science

Better materials, better transport

An overwhelming number of emerging technologies rely on the transport and conversion of energy, especially in the areas of information technology, sensors and energy harvesting. A typical hindrance for realizing their ultimate potential is the insufficient control of the conversion of at least one transport channel into another, such as the conversion of light into electrical carriers in photovoltaic or signal transmission devices.

Consequently, all relevant areas of the science and technology in this field are equally challenged: materials science, device design and fabrication, metrology and simulation. A better command of the transport and conversion processes will eventually lead to novel solutions of various societal challenges in sectors such as IT, health care, climate change, and mobility.

The era in which ever higher information-processing performance was achieved by means of a continuous downscaling of the single transistor dimensions is over. Today, alternative devices based on novel materials, architectures and physical mechanisms are required to achieve sufficient performance increase from generation to generation.