ERCET is about big data

When it comes to big data, these are the topics we are spearheading:

  • Costs and energy use of data storage and transport;
  • Intelligent tools to discover patterns in data;
  • Individual and multi-tenant use of databases;
  • Data privacy and security.


Data handling

Big data, the game changer

The term ‘big data’ refers to new insights and applications that can only be created using extreme amounts of data. Big data will have a major impact on our society, it will establish a data economy and is seen as a new production factor or commodity.

Europe also recognizes the importance of big data. In Horizon 2020, it is frequently mentioned as a technique that will play a major role in solving the socio-economic challenges that Europe is facing. Currently, we can see technologies emerge that will deliver exascale amounts of data. Storage and processing is a major challenge. Simply adding more hard drives, optical fibers or processors will not do the trick. Transporting one Exabyte at 100 Gbit/s would take about 3 years and no one wishes or can afford to wait that long. 

“With ERCET, international top research into systems, materials and methods for processing large amounts of data faster, more energy efficiently and above all more intelligently, is linked to the northern innovation agenda. This link will further strengthen the innovative power of data industry in the northern Netherlands over the next several years.”

Jan de Jeu, vice president of the University of Groningen