ERCET is about healthcare

Medical research generates ever larger amounts of data. Just think of longitudinal studies following thousands of individuals over various decades. Or try to imagine what millions of electronic patient records will amount to. 

As this type of medical data grows there will be an increased demand for securely storing and sharing  it across hospitals. Within ERCET, UMCG scientists will work with the seven other Dutch University Medical Centers to build a secure and privacy enhanced cloud. 

Value area: virtual UMC

Healthy aging and personalized care

We aim to become the national science data center for the handling of biobank data for healthy aging research and data from personalized medicine studies. This will put the Netherlands on the forefront of global biomedical analysis, leading the European competitive position in biomedical research infrastructures (BBMRI-ERIC, ELIXIR) and providing the biobanking community with a federated infrastructure for big data storage and intensive data analysis (liaison EGI, EUDAT).

"Through its unique multidisciplinary approach, ERCET will accelerate the use of big data in medical practice. It enforces our pioneering in the field of precision medicine and personalized health. Ultimately, this will allow us to live longer, healthier lives with less costs of care."

Folkert Kuipers, Dean and Vice Chairman Board of Directors UMCG